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Every day, you send your reporters to the field armed with technology, a camera, and a car, expecting them to research and assemble the best possible story for your live newscasts.

But what does it take to get it to air? If your news operation is like most, it requires sending out SNG & ENG trucks that are extremely expensive to operate.

That’s where Fuzed Technologies has the answer — with The Pack!

The Pack — A New Way to Manage Live News

What if you could outfit all of your reporters with live capability at a fraction of the cost of SNG/ENG trucks? When your reporters leave the station with a camera, they should also be leaving the station with The Pack from Fuzed Technologies. The Pack allows them to quickly send video back to the station either directly from the camera’s video output or via a file transfer from the camera or laptop editor. When live news breaks, The Pack allows your reporters to go live from anyplace there is a cellular, WiFi, or Internet connection.

Fuzed Technologies proprietary bonding algorithms and advanced video and audio codecs allow the highest quality HD video and stereo audio, at the lowest latency possible. And the best part — it’s automatic. There is no need for reporters to try different profile settings to achieve the best result. For quick file delivery, introducing FatPipe. With The Pack’s FatPipe feature, you can transfer your files both to and from the station and the field at speeds faster than any other product on the market today. Unlike other products, FatPipe bonds data connections for both video and data transfers bi–directionally.

Breaking News with The Pack

With Fuzed Technologies, you’ll break the news, not the bank. With affordable monthly costs that cover your hardware and cellular airtime, you can outfit every reporter with The Pack.

Report the news as it happens, where it happens. Get The Pack today!